About Me

Hi, I’m Ryan Reynolds!

I just graduated from Biola University (BS, Chemistry) and the Torrey Honors Institute, and will be starting a PhD program in Physical Chemistry at UC Berkeley in Fall 2019. I’m also a man of too many interests, and this blog is my attempt to give those some sort of semi-public, written expression. I love learning new math, dreaming about architecture and city planning, and doing a poor job of reading and understanding philosophy.

I’m a huge Jesus nerd/Bible nerd/Christianity nerd, and that finds its way into most of the things I write here, too.

If you’d like to find out more about me professionally, check out my résumé. If you’d like to have a much lower opinion of me personally, check out my Twitter (@allisvancity).

(or you can contact me at ryan.s.reynolds (at) berkeley.edu)